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Hobbypark Mini Tamiya Style Connector Plugs Male & Female (10 Pairs)


  • ✔Mini Tamiya Style,10 Male & 10 Female
  • ✔High Quality – Same Great Look And Feel As Tamiya!
  • ✔Requires Soldering or Crimping of Wire to Metal Pins & Assembly of Connector. (Wire not Included)
  • ✔Great For Small RC Cars / Boats / Aircraft / Airsoft Guns
  • ✔Produced By HobbyPark ,Well made and durable,100% New

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TAMIYA 300074111 Handsaw with Handle


  • Blade width 46 mm.

TAMIYA Polishing Compound Fine and Finish SET


  • Made by Tamiya; Tamiya is a United States based company; parts are sourced from Global producers
  • Tamiya part number 87070
  • This item works with: Associated Apex Touring V-Type, RC-12R5.x, TC-3 Nitro Sedan; HPI Electric E10, Sprint 2, Sprint 2 Flux; HPI Nitro RS4 RTR3 EVO; Kawada Sigma 2 1:10 touring, Sigma DC 1:10 Drift; Kyosho Fazer GP 1/10, GT Inferno Sedan, Spider MK2, TF2 Spider EP; Mugen MTX-3 1:10 Nitro Touring, MTX4R 1:10 Nitro Touring; OFNA JL-10 GT Sedan; RJ Speed Digger, Legends, Nitro Dragster, Nitro Funny Car; Tamiya TA01, TA01 FF, TA02, TA02W, TA03, TA04, TA05, TL01; Thunder Tiger TS-4 Ni

Tamiya Mini 4WD Special products Big Wig RS Super 2 chassis 95308


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    Tamiya TAM87068 Polishing Compound-Coarse


    • The base polish before painting.
    • Has been developed for the plastic model, is a compound of the easy-to-use paste type. Particles are slightly larger, blend the hard abrasive and a soft abrasive.
    • Excellent polishing force, you can smooth the rough surface. The underlying polishing and transparent parts polishing of plastic models before painting, ideal for metal polishing work.
    • The remaining compound after the polishing is also features the rinse-off. ? Aluminum tubed, 22ml
    • Size: 4.8 x 1 x 0.9 inches

    Choosing the right female mini tamiya products

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    The best way to choose a product is by considering your needs. If you are looking for something specific, then it makes sense not just to go on any old website but visit some stores first so they can show what’s available!

    TAMIYA Connector: 7.2V Male / Female Set, TAM50106


      TAMIYA Polishing Compound Sponges, TAM87192


      • Small, medium and large sponge, 1x each included
      • Sponges have integrated grip sections so handling is a breeze
      • After use, the sponges can be washed and reused

      Tamiya 74076 Cutting Mat A3 Size TAM74076


      • Tamiya 74076 Cutting Mat A3 Size

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      TAMIYA CVA Super-Mini Shock (4): TT-02, TAM54753


      • Contains parts to make 4 CVA Super Mini oil shock dampers
      • Includes 4 black (medium) springs denoted with a yellow paint mark

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